Bakery basket (7 items)


For you all home-bakers out there, this is the offer for you. Discover all of our Lulubelle mixes with this bulk product pruchase. You are now all set with your own little in-house bakery. enjoy!! This basket includes: 2 x Organic gluten-free bread mix, 2 x Organic gluten-free all purpose flour. Plus we’re adding 3 x Organic yeast.


Organic gluten-free all purpose flour: Organic tapioca starch, Organic sorghum flour, Organic millet flour, Organic potato starch, Organic green buckwheat flour, Xanthan gum. Non-alum baking powder.
Organic gluten-free bread mix: Organic flour mix (organic tapioca starch, organic sorghum flour, organic millet flour, organic potato starch, organic green buckwheat flour, xanthan gum), Organic cane sugar, Baking powder , Sea salt, Organic guar gum. Non-alum baking powder.




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